Wednesday: Endless fun and overcoming our fears – “The best day ever!”

Sorry it’s a late one! We’ve had such an action-packed and fun day – we literally haven’t stopped. Until now…

7.00am – The birthday bunny visited during the night… By 7.30am Ruby’s birthday celebration was in full flow!

(The designer hair accessories would later be seen being worn by another couple of stylish young ladies…)

A hearty breakfast for all then archery and… the GIANT swing!

Another birthday message at lunch time:

Time for more fun…

Then on to the huge climbing wall and tunnelling underground…

Safe headwear was of the utmost importance for these two…

Lucien smashed a long-standing PGL tunneling record!

Time for food where a dinner hall of over 500 children sang happy birthday to our birthday girl! She even had a cake baked for her by the chef too!

A few more birthday sing-a-longs before an energetic game of ‘capture the flag’ under dark and stormy skies…

10.00pm – as the sound of waves crashing against the shore fills the night sky, all the children are sound asleep. ​


  • Wow. Sarah and the rest of the Chiseldon girls are so lucky to have found such wonderful friends and thoughtful teachers ❤ Love love love.

    Luisa Farmer 21.09.2017
  • Looks like an amazing, fun-filled day. Great to see all the smiles. Can’t wait to see what you get up to tomorrow.

    Helen Evans 21.09.2017
  • Ahhhh thank you for making sure Ruby had a brilliant birthday 🙂
    So lovely! Such great teachers and amazing friends!
    Can’t wait to see you Friday xx

    Jemma Bregu 21.09.2017
  • Utterly awesome!! What an amazing experience for you all and it’s not over yet!!! Xx

    Elliot's mum 21.09.2017
  • What an unbelievably incredible time you’re all having. You won’t want to come home (well the children won’t anyway ?).
    Enjoy your last day. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow Tilly xxxxxxx

    Kerry Lewis 21.09.2017
  • Wowzers!!!
    One word ‘AWESOME!’
    Junior was really pleased to see you on the picture Dase, thankyou for his message!
    Looks like you are having such a fab time! We can’t wait to hear all about it ? Wonder what today’s adventures will be! Enjoy!! X X x

    Sarah (Daisy's mum) 21.09.2017
  • Wow, it looks like you all had a wonderful day. Love your sign to CJ daisy. Ba ba and gramp said the sailing looked amazing. Have a great Thursday. Love nanny x

    Sheree Mapstone ( Daisy's nanny) 21.09.2017
  • Same pair of trousers everyday Kitty Kaneen – like your style, less washing for me!! Keep having fun.

    Caroline Kaneen 21.09.2017
  • Wow!! It looks like yesterday was an amazing day! Happy birthday Ruby and have fun today! Xx

    Flora's Mum 21.09.2017
  • Fantastic climbing! It looks like you are having a brilliant time. 2 more days to go!!

    amarelloart 21.09.2017
  • “Everything is Awesome……” your day looks incredible, have more awesome fun today! ?

    Chloe's Dad 21.09.2017
  • OMG…..what an amazing day…and how cool was the birthday celebrations and song!
    Great to see you all having so much fun……
    Have a great day today and have a great disco tonight….(like at home Tilly, if you get the chance dance on the table when no-one is looking!!) x

    Will 21.09.2017
  • What a fab time you are all having. Have a great last evening and day tomorrow and looking forward to hearing all about the experiences Emily. I think Billy’s bucking bronco routine looks quite tame to the swing thing ??

    Emily's Mum 21.09.2017
  • Wow…you lucky lot…it looks AMAZING!!! So so lovely to see all that you’ve been up to. Enjoy your last night!

    Lottie's Mummy 21.09.2017

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