Year 5

Rowan engineering

This week the children in Rowan Class have been investigating and exploring how cams work in DT. They got the chance to build a simple

Science explorations in Rowan

In Year 5, this afternoon, the children became scientists and explored the concept of friction. We planned and carried out an investigation to explore which

Remembrance Day 2020

In our bubbles, the school gathered together for a short service of remembrance. We remembered those who have fallen in war and reflected on how

Cool cricketers in Year 5

  Year 5 have been having weekly cricket coaching as part of their P.E. this term.  We started off looking at catching and quickly moved onto

Rowan Clay Mythical Beasts

This week, Rowan Class have been busy at work adding further detail to their Ancient Greek mythical beasts. They have been researching beasts from these fantastic

Rowan exploring sound

This week, the children have been exploring the concept of sound. We looked at a range of musical instruments and thought about how the sounds

A busy week in Rowan

What a busy week we have had! On Wednesday, we enjoyed a walk though the Brown’s farm to the amazing sculpture exhibition. On the way, the