Monthly Archives: March 2019

Lambing -part 2!

The second group who went to visit The Brown’s farm also had an amazing time! Mr Brown talked about how much each of the animals

KS1 Lambing

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 spent their Friday afternoon visiting Brown’s farm to see the  lambs. How lucky are our children to have this amazing

Marwell Zoo

On Wednesday 2oth March Years 1 and 2 woke up very excited! They were off to the zoo! Meeting in the hall the atmosphere was buzzing

Volcano experiment.

In Reception this afternoon we have some keen scientists who learnt the ingredients needed to make a Volcano eruption. We used vinegar, baking powder, water,

Poetry slam 2019

The St. Michael’s poetry slam never ceases to amaze! From the wonderfully creative poems delivered in class to the raucous afternoon in the hall full

Jones Robinson competition

Jones Robinson, our school sponsor, officially opened their new Marlborough branch on Saturday and some of St Michaels’ pupils went to celebrate with them. To celebrate

The Circulatory System

Year 5 explored the importance of the Circulatory System. We learnt how blood is like a delivery truck, sending oxygen, nutrients and water around the