We are Elder class!

In Elder class we believe in growing our elastic brains, we are learning to challenge ourselves even when we aren’t sure if we can do it.  When we keep on trying with our learning we often surprise ourselves and our teachers too, sometimes!

Year 4 are enthusiastic, but also supportive and patience with each other.  We are working hard to develop our skills and improve what we can do every day: whether it is in the mile run, monster maths, programming on the computer, playing games in maths and PE, writing stories, diaries and recounts, we always try our best.

We think Elder class is a great class to be in because we are always helping each other, but we have fun as well.  We are also lucky because we have two teachers to guide us and some lovely TA’s to help too.

If you visit our school, please come and visit us and see what we are getting up to. There’s always an adventure in Elder class!

Curriculum Plan

St Michael’s operates a two year rolling curriculum plan; to see the two year plan please follow this link.