Year 1

Hazel Class is changing!

Today, Hazel Class have been thinking about how we have changed since we were born. We have also been thinking about how quickly we grow

Superb science!

Hazel and Birch classes have had a wonderful afternoon investigating the properties of different materials by conducting some science experiments.  It was fantastic to welcome

Red Nose Day 2022

Four Barrows House Captains organised a fantastic day today to raise money for Comic Relief. Children dressed in red and/or green and took part in

Marwell Zoo

What an amazing day at Marwell Zoo! We saw such amazing animals from snow leopards to tigers, giraffes to Egyptian tortoises! The children showed off their

Internet Safety Week

In Hazel class we introduced internet safety week with a story about Digiduck. We learned lots of ways to keep ourselves safe on the internet

Food DT in Hazel class

Hazel class have been using their peeling and cutting skills to prepare apples for an apple crumble recipe that we are working on this term.