We are sailing (ish!)

Amazing weather, beautiful scenery, fantastic teamwork… not much wind! We loved being out on the open ocean this morning before fencing and aeroball this afternoon. Top marks during room inspection with some exceptional teddy displays! A quick hairstyling lesson before a well-deserved dinner, now on to night time ambush!! Fingers crossed for another great night’s sleep too!


  • Looks like you’re having a great time daisy. Mum asked why you wore that top with those leggings!! ?

    I’ve kept junior away from your phone and ipad. We miss you loads x

    Carl Reader 19.09.2017
  • WOW! What amazing pictures of your day….believe me…..I really am well-jel!

    How a great evening guys x

    tilda.18 19.09.2017
  • Amazing photos!!!! Xx

    Elliot's mum 19.09.2017
  • This looks like such a fun day! Glad you are enjoying it daisy. Nanny

    Sheree Mapstone ( Daisy's nanny) 19.09.2017
  • Looks like you’re all having an awesome time and Tilly’s even had time to give the boys a style makeover ??
    Enjoy your evening. Look forward to seeing what adventures you have tomorrow! ?

    Kerry Lewis 19.09.2017
  • Wow! What fantastic photos! Thank you for the sneaky peak into your day xxx

    Chloe's Mum 19.09.2017
  • Waoww, it all looks like so much fun! And the sun is shining… Love the haircuts boys, the girls have clearly worked hard!
    Have a fab evening everyone!

    Nathalie Collister 19.09.2017
  • No wind? Too much wind? That’s sailing for you. Looked like a lovely day in the sun though! Nice to see pink rabbit still reading every day 😉 Have good sleeps everyone and enjoy tomorrow.

    Anna 19.09.2017
  • Poor Mr J hard at work while the ladies are resting and enjoying the sun…!!! enjoy guys.
    Scott’s mum.x

    scott1230 19.09.2017
  • Looks so much fun Lottie. I’ve had an English assessment today so that was fun 🙁 I wish I was there -it looks AMAZING! Mini sends lots of kisses!
    ~Daisy and Mini xxx (and Toby)

    ^^ (Mum’s getting cross that I haven’t included Toby in this but he’s asleep! )

    Lotties mum&Daisy&Mini?? 19.09.2017
  • Looks like a great day! Glad
    The sailing went well ⛵️ Lovely weather and photos, sleep well and look forward to seeing what you are up to tomorrow! ?

    Nina Frost 19.09.2017
  • Wow looks amazing – i’m jealous! Looking forward to seeing tomorrows adventures. Sleep well everyone.

    Emily's Mum 19.09.2017
  • I’m soooo jealous! Looks like so much fun! Feeling grateful you’re a strong swimmer Dase ? !! Keep having lots of fun and keep the pics coming – they’re great! ?

    Big hugs and X x x x for Daisy

    Sarah (Daisy's mum) 19.09.2017
  • Great photos, hopefully more wind tomorrow!!! ??? xXXx

    Chloe's Dad 19.09.2017
  • Looks like great fun, Dexter and Isabelle are missing you lots and me of course xxxx

    Clare Jacob's Mum ? 19.09.2017
  • Looks like your enjoying yourself Ruby 🙂
    Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We hope you have another fun day, your pressies are here waiting for when you get back 🙂
    Love you lots, Mum, Dad, Grace, Preston & Roman. ???

    Jemma Bregu 20.09.2017
  • (Message from Annabelle:)good morning Flora I still miss you!!!!!!!?????????

    Flora's Mum 20.09.2017
  • Hi Dase ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

    Junior said thankyou for his birthday message, Jemma let me know and I’ve given Junior an extra big birthday squeeze for you! Been shopping and it was strange without you – cheaper ? Got you a little treat for your return (H and M have the winter stuff in ?) xxxx Miss you xxx

    Sarah (Daisy's mum) 20.09.2017

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