Welcome to Hazel class!

Year 1 are super learners!  We have an amazing classroom, which is purposefully resourced, to ensure that we use it to learn and challenge ourselves every day.

We love being on the move and playing outside in our beautiful outdoor area.  We make fantastic sculptures and tunnels in our sand pit and enjoy building a wide variety of things with the large equipment outside, including crates, wheels, barrels and much more. We love transporting water from one of the three water pumps we have outdoors. Large boulders and the bridge enable us to run, jump, climb and develop our growing muscles all the time.

Inside we read and perform amazing stories, create imaginary worlds with small loose parts and learn all about important historical events, local and international geography, world renowned artists- we’re so busy!  In Maths, we solve problems, reason and are learning all about number and how to be efficient mathematicians.

We are brilliant singers and you can often find us singing some of our favourite songs whilst we’re getting ready for lunch or to go home.

One of our favourite things to do is visit the forest with Mrs Maslin.  In the forest we are explorers, climbers, builders, sculptors and artists.  We develop our ability to plan, solve problems, work as a team and to keep persevering!



Curriculum Plan

At St Michael’s School we strive to provide a rich, diverse curriculum, underpinned by our school’s core values of Respect, Honesty and Love, enabling every member of the school community to have a ‘Lifetime Love for Learning’.

Here is an overview of our curriculum in Hazel class. For more information please look at our Curriculum Page.