“The Boy in the Temple” Luke 2:41-52

We chose the Boy in the Temple as the Bible story which links our Christian Values of Respect, Honesty and Love to a Lifetime Love for Learning.

We began the day with a wonderful retelling of the story from the Open the Book team.

Reception and Year 1 starting by re-telling the story with lots of actions to them remember. Some of the children made their own Boy in the Temple puppet scene.

Jesus promised to show his parents respect, honesty and love and the children had time to enjoy a range of amazing activities which help them think about the importance of these values. This include clay sculpting and designing their own print with string and paint.

“This represents love and I love my family.”

“If you are kind to your friends and show respect then they will love you.”

“You can show respect by being honest and by being helpful.”

Year 2 explored different scenarios which included picture sequencing and hot seating, deciding whether or not it showed learning.

Has Jesus learned a lesson? How could he make sure he never made the same mistake again?

The afternoon was spent building bridges as they thought more about our Christian Values of Respect, Honesty and Love and how these values ca be shown every day in our school.

“You should be honest because then things can be sorted out by the adults and people can be happy again.”

“I had to be respectful of my friend’s ideas and let them have a turn.”

“I showed respect by listening to Miss James when she spoke.”

“I showed love and respect by clapping and saying ‘well done’ when my friend’s bridge carried the car over it.”

Year 3 and 4 spent the day choreographing an expressive dance conveying the emotions and different scenes for in the story.

The children were asked to sum up in one word what emotions Mary and Joseph might have felt.

Distraught – joy – anger – happiness – worry – relief – panic


Year 3 and 4 Dance


Year 5 and 6 held a press conference interviewing the key characters from the story to find out more about their feelings and emotions. They then wrote some diary entries from different perspectives.

In the afternoon they made macramé hearts and had different creative responses to the story, explored the Christian Values and the link with a lifetime love for learning.


The afternoon forest school group worked together to build a den for the whole school to enjoy. Using great teamwork and communication skills, they were pleased with what they achieved.

At the end of the day we all gathered together as a school to share our learning with one another and the Open the Book team, continuing to make the links between our Bible story, our

Christian Values and a Lifetime Love for Learning.

Our blog post from the day tells you more.