Christian Distinctiveness

“St. Michael’s is a happy school where the pupils and staff share many special moments together building a lifetime love for learning. It is filled with imagination, nurture, enthusiasm, creativity, risk taking and challenge with our core Christian values of Honesty, Respect and Love weaving their way throughout all that we do.”  Judith Arkwright, Headteacher

St Michael’s C of E School is proud to be part of the Diocese of Salisbury and our local family of 6 churches which together make the Whitton Team Benefice.

What does being a church school mean to us?

  • We aspire towards a distinctly Christian vision, which is deeply rooted in the teachings of the Bible.
  • We seek to instill the Christian values of COMMUNITY, DIGNITY, HOPE, and WISDOM within ourselves and others.
  • We provide a highly inclusive setting, which warmly welcomes children and families from all backgrounds.

Our motto is ‘A lifetime love for learning’ and our core Christian values are Honesty, Respect and Love. The core vision and Christian values guide us in everything we do.








Our butterflies represent an image of flourishing. The butterfly flourishes because of the respect, honesty and love it has been shown which leads to a lifetime love for learning.

The Bible tells us, “Jesus grew in mind and body, loved by God and those who knew him.” Luke 2:52.  Helped by the Church community, we spent a day exploring the Boy in the Temple and how this story in the gospel of Luke helps us to understand not only ‘A Lifetime Love for Learning’ but also the core values of Respect, Honesty and Love.


Our specially commissioned school painting supports us all to understand how God helps us in our daily lives to show respect, honesty and love and a lifetime love for learning.


We spent a day exploring how our butterflies, Bible story and school painting link together to help us understand our vision and values and why they are so special to us at St Michael’s School.


What do our pupils say about our Christian Distinctiveness?

“Respect is love and honesty put together. To respect a member of staff or a student means you need to show honesty and love.”

“Our PSHE lessons help by teaching us about other cultures.”

“The Bible stories help us because in lots of them they show kindness and love. They show us examples of what might happen and what we can do.”

What do our parents say about our Christian Distinctiveness?

We asked our parents to share their thoughts on when our school has shown love, honesty and respect. These are some of the responses.

“All of the time! ALL the staff are SO supportive of both myself and my child, they are amazing! “

“Every morning – when my child is welcomed through the school gates by Mrs Arkwright and then given a big welcome by his teacher.”

“Everyday, when they celebrate my children’s achievements. When I notice that every teachers knows my children’s names. They are happy to come to school and we are happy to send them here. We feel it is such a special place.”


What do our staff say about our Christian Distinctiveness?

We asked our staff to share their thoughts on when our school has shown love, honesty and respect. These are some of the responses.

“All the children show a great deal of love and respect for children who have additional needs in school.”

“I would say that everything is done with love in school from the exciting learning to the care and nurture given to the most needy children.”

“Love, honesty and respect is visible everywhere at St Michael’s. It has been shown to me over the years with support and time offered when I’ve been needed by my family. It is shown to the pupils in the ways which we remove the barriers to learning and adopt strategies which meet their diverse needs.”

“Too many to choose! I’m always blown away with how well they know me, and can swoop in and give me whatever it is I need in that moment. Whether it’s time off, training, resources or just a hug.”

“Staff members always show respect by listening to the problem, they show love by helping to find a solution and the show honesty in the advice that they give.”

“There is a an honest and open dialogue between the head teacher and governors.”

“Teachers’ love is shown by their care for children and wellbeing.”

“We show love by ensuring a safe school environment.”

“School showed a lifetime love of learning by going the extra mile to get year groups back for one day at end of term.”

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