Year 2

Chronology in year 2

Birch class have continued to amaze us a home with all of their learning. This week they were investigating chronology and arranged events that they

Scientists in Birch Class

For the past couple of weeks, Birch Class have been scientists – conducting experiments with ice.  We have learned how to make our tests fair

Birch class explore food!

Birch Class have been busy today exploring a ‘balanced plate’ of food.  We learnt about the different nutrients you get from different foods and sorted

Sculpture in Birch Class

Birch Class have begun learning about sculpture in Art this term.  We looked at lots of different examples of sculpture from across the world and

Hazel and Birch investigate

Hazel and Birch class have been busy using their investigating skills in science this week. We asked the question ‘Do taller children have bigger feet?’