Welcome to Birch class!

We are creative, messy, happy, friendly, supportive children who ALWAYS work as a team! What’s more, we are super learners because we challenge ourselves, we do our best, we try and try again, we concentrate, we problem solve, we use our imagination, we persevere, we are curious and we communicate all the time. Mrs Godfrey sets us 5 challenges each week which we complete independently. These are linked to the topic and we really enjoy completing our challenges.

We have been taught various different skills e.g. cutting, sawing, gluing, creating, drilling, joining and with these skills we have been using our incredible imagination to create the most amazing models e.g. boats, trains, helicopters, clocks, robots, chronometers, musical instruments and cars.

You often find us in our wonderful outside area. We like to have some down time in the sand pit creating marble runs or sculptures, we like to use our imagination in the texture kitchen to create potions or spells, we likes to use our scientific skills in the water tray and on the stage we like to apply the skills we have been taught in music to create bands.

Some terms we go to the forest with Mrs Maslin. We enjoy going down the mudslide, making hot chocolate, making dens and making creative crafts or objects to use in the forest.

We love school in Year 2 and always try our best at everything we do!

Curriculum Plan

St Michael’s operates a two year rolling curriculum plan; to see the two year plan please follow this link.