Year 5 and 6 Ancient Greece Day!

Well, what a day we had on Thursday… Year 5 and 6 really got into the spirit, arriving at school in their amazing outfits ready to spend the day as children in Ancient Greece!

The day began with a meeting in ‘The Temple of Zeus’ to worship the leader of the Gods. Children provided gifts for Zeus, found out about ceremonies and rituals which took place in Ancient Greek temples and even tried some nectar – a honey-based drink which was often consumed during daily worship.

Next we learnt more about democracy before the boys and girls headed off to complete different tasks – just like they would have done in Ancient Greece. The boys went to a school in Athens, learning about number and writing. They each created an abacus and a wax tablet to record their work on.

Meanwhile, the girls were busy looking after their homes, tidying, creating their own looms to weave on and cooking falafel.

Soon, the boys and girls gathered together to do some ancient Greek food tasting – as you can see in the photos, some enjoyed it more than others…


Next, we took part in a range of activities – from singing, sprinting and learning times tables, to distance throwing, jumping and dance – before choosing whether we’d prefer to be an Athenian or Spartan.

Finally, it was back to base to discuss tactics and draw plans in preparation for a battle: Athens vs Sparta!