Water, birds of prey and even more water in Year 6

As a special send off for Year 6, we planned to head out on three different trips this week. The weather had other plans for us however and instead of going to the beach on Monday, we tried to bring the seaside to St Michael’s. We enjoyed a day of water themed fun with paddling pools, water pistols and a slip ‘n’ slide. Needless to say, the staff were the quickest to get a bit wet!

On Tuesday, we visited the Hawk Conservancy Trust. We had a lesson about birds of prey and their adaptations in which we were incredibly lucky to get up close and personal with Troy the tawny owl. Such a beautiful creature! While wandering around the trust, we compared ourselves to the wingspans of different birds of prey – a little bit more catching up to do with these magnificent creatures still to go!

Wednesday saw us head to Cotswold Water Park for a day on the water. In the morning, we tried out paddleboarding (although many of us spent more time in the lake than on it!). The afternoon saw us out in kayaks. Heading down a slide into the lake, with an enormous splash, was a real highlight.

What a special way to spend a final week at St Michael’s before the adventures of secondary school!