Penultimate week in Elder Class: Pizza banquet, moving up art and an EPIC expedition at Ramsbury Estate!

Well we don’t do things by halves here at St. Michael’s! With one week to go the children in Elder Class have been working their socks off. As well as the ‘usual’ school work we managed to squeeze in a day of DT where we designed and made our own pizzas! The children had to decide on their ingredients and then follow recipes for dough making: measuring, cutting, grating and weighing their ingredients ready to create their dish! In the afternoon we got to taste out own pizzas at our pizza banquet! It was such fun!

We have also been thinking about our new classroom for next year and we spent an hour creating some lovely pieces of abstract art. These portraits will be on display to welcome everyone into our new classroom in September!

Finally, on Friday – a super-hot day – we spent the day at Ramsbury Estate. During our geography fieldwork trip we had to use maps (locating, estimating and orientating) to find different markers and at these markers were letters. We had to contact other groups via walkie-talkie to let them know our letters. Then we had to piece together the letters to create a word. It was then a race (not really!) through meadows, farm-tracks and forests to the finish! The children showed such amazing teamwork, geography skills, determination and support to one another throughout the day. They walked a great distance over a variety of terrains with huge smiles on their faces! A warm sunny day in the great outdoors with amazing friends – what could be better!? As ever, the children of Elder Class were awesome – brilliant ambassadors for our school! We were so proud of them!