Anglo Saxon day at Oxenwood for Cherry Class!

Cherry class had the most amazing day today; they had their first trip together since the pandemic began. And what a trip it was!

The children were immersed from start to finish in Anglo Saxons. They begin the day by meeting an Anglo Saxon who talked about the journey he had been on. Then, the children were taken back in time, where the story of how the Anglo Saxons came to be was told.

After that, they went outside and had training on how to use swords and shields and they performed practice battles. They even got attacked by the teachers!!

Everyone in Cherry Class made an Oath to the king and became adults which led them to make a special bracelet which they have to keep on them at all times.

Once they had eaten lunch, Cherry Class were split into Britons and Saxons where the battles commenced!

Later, the children were able to hold and touch all the Anglo Saxons tools and clothing.

They truly had a wonderful day and each and every child had a wonderful smile on their faces!

Thank you Oxenwood!

Here is a video of their battle: