Acorn Class enjoy a biodiversity trip to the Church

We were so lucky this week to take part in Churches Count on Nature. Mrs Best and Mrs Williamson had such an amazing selection of activities for us to enjoy, thank you so much for a wonderful morning. Our day started with a prayer from the Reverend Sue Rodd thanking God for his wonderful creation and a song of praise. Then we were off to be nature detectives! We discovered so many different ways to check for mammals, lizards and insects – there was a moth trap which was full of moths, we set up and hunted for some longworth traps for mice and voles but they were empty, we looked in the footprint detectors hoping for signs of hedgehogs – we found some cat prints! We checked under slates for invertebrates and discovered ants, woodlice and slow worms. Our day finished with a hunt for some beautiful painted stones which spelled out a special message from the Bible reminding us all to take care of God’s special creation.