Year 6 continue their wildlife exploration on Ramsbury Estate

After a morning learning about the wildlife in the churchyard yesterday, Year 6 headed to Ramsbury Estate to take part in another project, helping the estate to find out which species of plant and wildlife could be found in different habitats. We searched wild meadows, woodlands and arable farmland, encountering countless invertebrates, evidence of many different rodents and birds… and one very startled deer! We also planted pants (yes, pants!), which will be dug up in two months time, to help the estate understand more about the soil quality. To finish our day, we prepared dormouse boxes that the children had actually built all the way back in Year 5. However, they are at last in place ready to become a home for a dormouse and its offspring.

Thank you, Year 6, for becoming such excellent scientists for the day, researching the many different species to be found on the estate. Thank you also to the team at Ramsbury Estate for welcoming us and letting us take part in such an important project!