A great first week back at school in Oak Class

It has been amazing to have Year 6 back in school this week! We hit the ground running with all sorts of exciting learning. Here are a few highlights…

We were joined – via Zoom – by Action for the River Kennet (ARK) and Thames Water to learn about the water cycle and how to save water. From taking four minute showers to being careful about what gets flushed or drained down the sink, we found out how to look after the water that we all rely on.

It’s back to business as usual as we continue to learn new spelling rules. This week, we had a game of noughts and crosses to help us with our learning.  Who knew Spellings could be so competitive?!

In English, we have been watching a film called The Lighthouse. The main character, the lighthouse keeper, paid us a visit this week and we had the opportunity to ask questions about his life and the events of the film.

Next week, we will be walking to the highest point in our local area. We plotted our route on OS Maps and noticed some strange orange lines – contour lines! We used contour lines to reconstruct the hill that many of us have climbed as we head towards Four Barrows out of corrugated cardboard.

Most importantly, we’ve been enjoying spending time with each other once again! Earlier in the week, when the sun was shining, we had a lot of fun using the many things in the Playpod. And looked fabulous when doing so!