Year 6’s residential comes to an end!

What an amazing week we’ve had! Our final day began with some manic packing… Naturally, the sleeping bags caused a few issues but bar that and a few odd socks, we managed to fit everything into our suitcases. Then, after another lovely breakfast (various pastries today!), we made the final walk down to the beach and put on our wetsuits. Year 6 have very much looked the part this week!

Even with odd shoes and the buoyancy aid the wrong way round…

This morning, half of us went out on the mega stand up paddleboard while the others built their own rafts. The rafts were so successfully built that the builders were able to head much further out to sea and join the paddleboarders! How lovely that everyone finished their final activity together!

After a final lunch together, we said our goodbyes to the team at Rockley. Thank you so much to Liam and the team for looking after us so well and helping to give us such an amazing time – Year 6 certainly showed their appreciation before leaving!


With our bags on board the bus, we settled down for the journey home. What an amazing week we have shared together, Year 6 and have an amazing weekend!