Year 6’s final visit to Ramsbury Estate

Wow, Year 6! You definitely made your last trip to Ramsbury Estate a special one! Today’s trip was all about teamwork. In three different teams, we set out on a hike through the woods, finding clues and lots of artefacts to work out the name of our opponent’s teams and to collect points. A particularly tricky challenge was collecting eggs and having to carry them to the finish line without using our hands. Some excellent nests were built for our eggs – the local bird population would have been proud of your skills, Year 6! Using the walkie-talkies to communicate our clues with the other teams proved tricky, as did finding the final egg for one group…

In the afternoon, two more challenges followed. First, the children built dens to keep an adult dry in case of rain. One team built what was described as the best den built on this site! The final challenge was to create a life-size piece of Art of one adult from each group using own natural resources. Again, some beautiful creations, Year 6!

With the final challenges complete, the staff of Ramsbury Estate very kindly handed out several keyrings to those who really shone today and some sweets for everybody. The final thing is to say thank yous, firstly to the children for being so amazing today and finally to the team at Ramsbury Estate who have provided so many fantastic opportunities for Year 6 over the last few years. They will have created some special moments for these children to look back on fondly when they head to secondary school!