Year 6 become wildlife detectives!

Wow! What an amazing morning Year 6 had in the churchyard exploring the variety of wildlife to be found on our doorstep. From mice to moths, from hedgehogs to slowworms, we learnt so much about the wildlife that lives just metres from our classroom.

The Revd. Sue welcomed us to the church, reminding us of the importance of looking after everything that God created before we set off in our role as detectives. We held many species of moths, found evidence of hedgehogs and mice in the long grass and bushes and even found a wood mouse who had wandered into one of the traps, before settling down for a nice meal and a nap! We we are also fortunate to spot not one but two slowworms resting underneath slate.

We finished by hunting for ten painted stones, which combined to share a message that reminds us that we were all tasked by God to look after the world which he created. Thank you to Emily and Eleanor for helping us to learn so much about the wild world around us!