Year 3 discover a Stone Age man at Oxenwood

Today the Year 3 children visited Oxenwood to discover a little more about how people in The Stone Age lived.

After a session in the classroom dressing up in Stone Age clothes and handling some amazing artefacts, we headed to the woods to learn how to make our own shelters just like early man would have.

However, whilst there we discovered ‘Mez’, a Stone Age man, living in the woods. We stood, spellbound, watching him as he returned to his camp after a fishing trip. Once settled back in his camp, we watched him light his fire with flints and fungus, make his own flint knife to gut the fish he caught before cooking it over the fire and make a spear using sharpened flint and tree sap…..it was truly amazing!

Thank you to all those who drove children to Oxenwood and to parents who volunteered be ‘back up drivers’. These trips really can’t happen without your kind support.