Year 3 and 5 eels project

Today, Years 3 and 5 launched their ‘eels project’ which is being run by ARK (Action for the River Kennet).

Anna, from ARK, came into school and taught us all about the amazing lifecycle of this incredible species. We learnt that even though a female eel lays between 1 and 3 million eggs, the species is critically endangered. The tiny eels embark on an incredible 5000 mile journey from the Sargasso Sea to begin a life in our rivers until they too are old enough to make the incredible trip.

We now have our very own baby eels (currently known as glass eels) to look after before we take a trip to The Kennet to safely release them.

Anna also taught us about how we can be responsible water users so that we can preserve the amount of water in our rivers.

We were each given a timer to see if we could manage ‘The 4 Minute Shower Challenge’. Good luck!