Winterbourne Comic Relief House Day

Winterbourne house captains led Comic Relief today with a day full of laughter. Across the school all you could see was children giggling and big beautiful smiles.

 This morning started with a whole school zoom introducing the day’s missions. Each class had 5 missions to complete.

Mission 1 was to get your class from one side to another using only a few various objects.

Mission 2 involved singing at a high pitch.

Mission 3 got us dancing like penguins.

Mission 4 provided everyone with an intense game of Pictionary.

Mission 5 got the children to limbo through a maze.

Some classes might not have finished the challenges so here is the link to access them:


In the afternoon we help a ‘FUNNY IS POWER SLAM’ where children got to share their hilarious jokes and performances. A massive well done to everyone that had a go, whether they were in their classrooms or on our whole school zoom. We were super proud of everyone who performed.