Science and laughter in Oak Class

It’s been another great week in Oak Class. Science has had a big focus in our class this week. First of all, Action for the River Kennet (ARK) joined us once again via Zoom to talk about the wildlife that lives in the river. We had a great afternoon examining some of the creatures up close, identifying many different species that call the Kennet home.

On Wednesday, we set out on a walk to Baydon Hill. We enjoyed a lovely day in perfect weather for a hike. At the summit, we took some temperature and wind speed measurements and next week, we’ll think about how the tallest point in our local area compares to somewhere more extreme: Mount Everest.

Back in class, we have been investigating materials. We prepared an experiment to help understand reversible and irreversible changes a little more in which we’ll measure the rate at which different pieces of frozen fruit will melt.

To end our week, the Winterbourne house captains led the school in a special day for Comic Relief. We took part in the Funny is Power Slam and our love for costume shone through once again!