The Greeks come to Oak Class

Oak Class had a wonderful day experiencing the lives of Ancient Greeks. In particular, we learned about the lives of children and the difference between boys and girls during this time. To start the day, we made our own Greek headdresses and we all looked resplendent!


Life for girls was very different to today; it mainly involved cleaning, cooking and making clothes. We were shocked to find a very messy classroom that needed a good tidy…

Making clothes was a key part of life for girls. We had a go at weaving using a loom to create a small pattern.

For boys though, life was very different. We went to Greek school and wrote using the Greek alphabet, writing our names and messages for our friends. In the afternoon, we continued to learn about school life. We learned about some of the many different activities that children would have experienced in both Athens and Sparta through mime. Can you guess some of the activities that Athenian and Spartan children would have taken part in?

Finally, we took to the battlefield just as the Greeks often did. It was a closely fought battle but the Yellow Team scored a narrow victory!