Greek Day Fun for Rowan

On Thursday this week, Rowan and Oak Classes enjoyed a Greek themed day to bring our Ancient Greece theme to an end.

They spent the day exploring what life would have been like for young boys and girls during this time.

The children started the day by making a traditional leaf crown and then very quickly got to understand how unfair life was for the young girls of Ancient Greece. After taking the time to snap a few photos, the children returned to find their classroom in right state. As they would have done in Ancient Greek times, the girls set to work tidying and cleaning – the good job was they had lots of male servants to help out!

Following, this the children learnt to weave – another duty of young girls.

We then set about exploring the lives of young boys. They children ‘went to Greek Boy’s School’ and learnt the Greek alphabet and all about a famous Greek historian and mathematician called Polybius.

After lunch, we set up a battle between the Athenians and Spartans on the field – although we felt sure that the Greeks wouldn’t have had to fight in the rain and mud!



A really fun day!