‘No Place Like Home’ in the forest for Rowan

Year 5 have had a great couple of days in the woods.


On Tuesday we spent time looking at the dream catcher that they made in September, and talking about their hopes and fears they were experiencing then, especially the fact that they were home learning and missing their school, friends and even the teachers! The children all wrote a message to their future selves and we buried them in a time capsule along with messages from the year 6s. Hopefully they will remember where it is buried!

Yesterday, prior to going to the woods we looked at a slide show of their forest school pictures from their term in the woods, they enjoyed seeing them and we discussed the variety of weather, activities etc that they experienced.  In the woods we used the ‘there’s no place like home’ theme in the woods. We talked about what makes our own homes unique, how we felt in them and where their favourite places were. The children then created special places in the woods all with individual touches, some had an art studio, make-up area, photo frames, fires, swings and very well stocked kitchens.