French Epiphany Celebrations

Much to the joy of KS2, Christmas shared one last hurrah today as Madame Collister treated us to a session based around the French traditions of celebrating Epiphany.

After coming together to find out about this tradition, we all returned to our classrooms to enjoy our ‘Gallete des Rois’ (King’s cake). In France, characters from the Christmas Story are hidden in the cake. The youngest member of the family (or in our case, class) sits under the table and chooses who will receive each slice of the cake. Those who find the characters become the King and Queen for the rest of the day. They are allowed to choose their King or Queen to join them and spend the rest of the day being served by everyone else.

It was great fun to take part in the celebration but thank goodness there was only a short bit of the afternoon left after finding our Kings and Queens…..being their servants was exhausting!!

Thank you as always to Madame Collister for supporting us and for making French so much fun!