Elder Class: Harvest (Ancient Egyptian style!), Welly Walk and Tree Planting!

I can’t quite believe it is the end of the first half term… where has the time gone?! Elder class certainly finished with a bang however and we’ve had such an action-packed day. For the first time in a few years, wellies actually proved useful on our welly walk and we really enjoyed being out in the elements, having lots of fun whilst trudging through the mud.


After that we went straight to our ‘spot’ on the bank in front of the playground to plant our Elder tree. We had a really special moment reflecting on the meaning of planting our tree, considering the roots we’ve already established at St. Michael’s and our hopes and dreams for a flourishing future. (Sorry about the pictures – even the iPad was very wet by this point!)


Next up was rehearsing our harvest song which we then filmed – socially distanced – in the hall this afternoon. Stay tuned for the video!

After lunch we investigated the Ancient Egyptian harvest, finding out more about the importance of the flooding of the Nile and creating our own moving calendar. Finally, we got to sample some favourite foods from Ancient Egypt – figs, lentils and dates to name but a few.