Elder Class: Churches Count on Nature!

On Friday we were so lucky to take part in a bioblitz around the churchyard. We had the most wonderful time learning about local wildlife! After starting the session reminding ourselves about how God created the world through stories, song and prayer, we then went on a search for some of these amazing creations! First we uncovered a moth trap which had been there all night; inside was such a diverse and fascinating range of moths, some huge, some tiny, some amazingly camouflaged – they were all incredible! We even managed to see an Elephant-hawk moth – so cool!  Next we went looking for footprints and we discovered that the church had been visited by hedgehogs, voles and mice overnight! After that, we searched the churchyard for small mammal traps – if the door on the traps were closed it meant something had snuck inside for a tasty snack – and we found 3 closed doors! It was so exciting to reveal what was hiding inside! Using the wildlife ID cards we found out they were voles – they were very cute but very fast when we released them! We were lucky enough to find several slow worms too!

Elder Class would like to thank Mrs Best and Mrs Williamson, Rhona and all the team for such an inspiring morning!