Cricket Festival -Mostly!

It all started so well, blue sky and a cool breeze, Years 5 and 6 in their house teams and ready for a day of cricket.  However rain stopped play! Not to be put off we quickly regrouped to the hall and started to work on some team challenges, creating a paper aeroplane, something that would spin and predicting unique numbers.  The children were fantastically creative – have a look at them at work.



Thankfully after break the rain had stopped so we got outside to play our first game and then paused for lunch.  After lunch we restarted on the field and all was going well until, the weather once again put paid to our plans, so once again we had to move. One group relocated to the playground (much less slippery) while the other teams took to the hall.

After all the games were played we all moved into the hall and the children (who had been recording scores and comments all day) sat together in their teams to write certificates celebrating good play and sportsmanship.  Time was moving on, so a very quick presentation ceremony followed before everyone went home.  Certainly not the day we had planned, but most certainly a challenging and fun one.  All the staff are so proud of the children and their resilience, dealing with change, playing and working with each other, dealing with all the ups and downs of competitive sport.