Computing, 3-D shapes and Windy days in Hazel Class

So far this week, Hazel class have been learning how to use floor robots in computing, giving the robots commands to achieve an outcome. We have been trying to predict where the robot will go when we give it a sequence of commands. Here are a few photos of the pupils using the forwards and backwards commands.

We have also been exploring 3-D shapes. The pupils were challenged to find examples of spheres, cubes, cylinders, cuboids, pyramids and cones in the classroom. We found so many 3-D shapes in and around our classroom. 3-D shapes are everywhere!

We have also been enjoying our outdoor area, using our communication skills to works as a team to build dens even when the windy weather makes it very tricky.

Hazel class were also lucky enough to have a visit from the chicks and pupils had the opportunity to hold them. Then some pupils chose to write about the chicks in their busy time, thinking about how to look after them and describing what they looked like.