Collaboration, communication and curiosity in Hazel class.

Our first week in Hazel class, although brief, has been full of fun,  creativity, exploration and curiosity.
The children have been busy discovering all the cosy corners of their new leaning space both indoors and outdoors.

Throughout the week the children have been introduced to our woodwork area where they have been inducted to use the saw and the glue gun safely by creating a picture frame.









                                        Team work,  talking, problem solving and planning enabled the children to construct a vehicle from loose parts.



The rain garden continues to provide many opportunities for physical development and problem solving.

We are looking forward to the changes each season will bring to our outdoor learning space.


The highlight of our first week in Year 1 has been spending time engaged in high quality play with our friends.

Like hazel trees, which can grow can grow up to 12m tall, we are looking forward to flourishing together in Hazel class.