Cherry Class Ramsbury Estate Trip June 2021

Cherry Class had the most magnificent day at Ramsbury estate! What a joy it was to watch all the children to be free in the middle of the countryside after a crazy year!

They began their morning at Bridge farm where they received a talk from the farmer Allister. He have the children an informative talk all about the crops. Every single child was captivated and wanted to know more about what they grow.

After, they went on a tractor and trailer ride around the farm. During this ride, the children were able to see more of the farm and more of the machinery they used.

Next, they went on a glorious walk through the farm fields, collecting wood along the way. This walk led us to the most beautiful meadow full of various different plants. How wonderful it was to watch the children running through the long grass! During the running through the long grass, the children were searching for many plants and came across a bee orchid.

By this time, the children were very hungry so we stopped to have a picnic. Once they had finished eating, the children were free to explore the meadow. Many children used pouters to collect various different bugs and insects. The most popular were crickets and butterflies. Lots of children were busy searching for flint and fossils. Others enjoyed sketching and drawing that they could see. In addition, every child was able to make and cook some bread on the fire that Mrs Maslin had created.
One child even came across an extremely rare snail!!!!!

Writing this many amazing things have probably been missed but if you see a member of Cherry class please do ask them about this trip, as it was truly amazing!