Cherry class are Writers, Scientists and Artists!

We can’t believe this is the last week of online learning! Yay!

Cherry class have blown us away with their incredible determination and perseverance whilst working at home. The effort they have put into their work has been phenomenal.


This week in Science, the children have been continuing their Adaptations work in Science. They have be learning about adaptation and exploring the conditions in different environments and the characteristics that animals have that help them to survive. Then they designed their own creatures that are adapted to an environment! 



Yet again, the children had another inspiring Art lesson from Mrs Thomas. They continued exploring Aboriginal Art and then create fabulous pieces!



In English, they have moved onto looking at a film called Soar. The children were only shown the first 50 seconds of the clip but were able to write the most detailed, descriptive diaries. They are definitely worth a read!



Well done Cherry Class, we are super proud of you and can’t wait to have you back in the classroom!