The Great Fire of Aldbourne Walk

Year 1 and year 2 went on an exciting walk around the village. We were very fascinated to learn that there was a fire in 1777 which was very similar to the Great Fire of London!


The fire started very close to the pump due to hot ashes being thrown too close to a wooden house.

We then explored how the people had to collect water from the pond. This caused chaos because there were so many people filling their buckets with water to stop the fire.

After, we walked towards the old fire station. Here we discussed how the houses all have tiled roofs. None of the houses have thatched roofs because the thatch burned easily during the fire. The houses that still have thatch escaped the fire.

Finally, we arrived at the church where we got to see the two fire engines. These two fire engines were bought with the money that was raised after the fire. Adam and Eve were used by the village up until 1924!

What great fun we had!


A big thank you to the Aldbourne Heritage Group for organising this exciting trip. The children really had a great time and developed their knowledge of History and the Great Fire of Aldbourne.