Immersed in the world of Roald Dahl with Year 3

Year 3 have been busy creating characters in the style of the wonderful Roald Dahl. We knew that they’d rise to the challenge and they didn’t disappoint …


There’s so much success for us to celebrate –

  • it’s been wonderful for us to hear that some of our once reluctant readers are now choosing to read at home for pleasure.
  • many of the children have been taking great pride in noticing for themselves the improvements that they have been making in their learning.
  • from having the science skills to make a solar oven to melt chocolate, in becoming significantly more fluent with their times tables in maths, in taking the time to be compassionate and reflective young humans or becoming more of an independent baker they are simply blowing us away!

We can’t wait to see where your learning journey will take you next week…