Imaginative inventors in Year 3

This week we have been inspired in our writing by the wonderful Roger McGough and the imaginative ways a little girl thinks that some of our most well-known appliances might work.

This definitely sparked their imaginations and got their very creative “creative juices” flowing! Maybe all isn’t as it seems?

We have seen alternative explanations for how a:

light switch might work…powered by hamsters!

dragon-powered kettles!

lawnmowers powered by the great diesel-tooth tiger – pardon? Whatever do you mean that you’ve never heard of them!

freezers that have penguins inside them

toasters with families of dragons underneath them

elves blowing bubbles to make our drinks fizzy

and who knew that there are fireflies in our light-bulbs?!

But, they’ve also demonstrated a great ability to research what really happens.

Keep being you Year 3, for you are AWESOME.