Greek Olympics, Year 5 style

The children were buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm to be back at school with their friends. Our first & last day for some time, was full of activities and laughter.

We started the day, sat on the playground (socially distanced) and had some circle time. Then the children were split into two bubbles, one group did some research about the Olympic games. We learned about, what’s the same and what’s different about the modern Olympics. We were shocked to find out – married women were prohibited from attending the competition, but could own a horse in the chariot racing!

We looked into the various events. With this, we created a poster advertising ‘our own’ Olympic games .

Whilst that was going on, the second bubble looked into Greek vases and pottery. The children decorated their own vase with their story ‘Life in Lockdown’.

After break, the children swapped activities.

Lunch was spent outside in the glorious sunshine.

‘The Year 5 Olympic Games’ started just after 1pm. The children were split into smaller groups and took part in 5 Olympic events. We had: running, long jump, discus, archery (slightly adapted), and javelin (again slightly adapted).

Once the games had come to an end, we played ‘foot rounders’. It was breath taking, ending with 21-22 score. What a game!

We are so proud of the amount of applicants we had for both sports leader and house captain. This is fantastic,  although it will be incredibly  difficult to make those decisions,  as all the candidates gave superb interviews. Good Luck.

Finally huge congratulations to Guy, who won the Year 5 squat competition in the Avon Valley virtual School Games.

Year 5, Thank you for being ‘You’,we are amazed at how well you have adapted to this strange situation. Your work has been outstanding. We are all looking forward to seeing your smiley faces in September. Have a super summer break, you all deserve it (parents too)!