Cherry class back in the woods!

Yesterday, Cherry were back in the woods again! Yay!

Before they went into the forest they had an exciting challenge that involved lots of team work and encouragement. Cherry had to pass two hoops around the circle without letting go of their hands. They achieved this successfully and had lots of fun in the process.

After, they entered into the woods! What great excitement! The children noticed lots of changes in the woods as the last time they had been there was back in the Summer. Their first task to complete was a scavenger hunt where they had to find 3 out of their 4 things.

Once the scavenger hunt was completed, the children were off to explore. Swings were swung, hammocks were led in, trees were climbed and dens were built. The children had the most wonderful time and were glad to be back.

The best part of their time in the woods was the MUD SLIDE!!!! The laughter, smiles and fun was exceptional. Even Miss James went down the mud slide!

At the end of the afternoon in the woods, the children enjoyed a biscuit and/or a hot chocolate to reflect on their time.

Please do enjoy the lovely pictures!