Braeside Day Two – Walk to Roundway Down

A cold and misty day dawned and we rose wearily to face the day’s challenges. Some of us were a little more reluctant to leave our beds though…

One of our number was celebrating a very special day – Mr Pavey’s 18th (+ fair bit more…) birthday!

Room inspections were passed with flying colours, breakfast was eaten with gusto and we gathered to prepare ourselves for a day’s walk around the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. We began by learning how we might use a map and compass to navigate our way successfully through the fields, woods and hills that surround Braeside.

Off we set, ably navigated by many of us…

Through woods…

Across streams…

And up an incredibly steep slope, where we became the first group this year to rise to the challenge of the trickier climb!

After which we stopped for a delicious packed lunch!

At the top of the hill we learnt about the Battle of Roundway Down, a fight between the king’s men and Cromwell’s parliamentarians. We reenacted the cavalry charge that forced Cromwell’s men off the steep slopes of the hill, although one group proved not to be experts in stealth, giving time for the others to escape safely!

We slid gracefully down the steep slopes to the bottom…

And made our way to Mother Anthony’s well where we all tried out a clay face mask.

Perhaps Alice needs to join Mr Pavey, Mr Jarvis and Mr Everitt in raising money for Movember!

We returned to more hot chocolate and showered and dressed before another delicious dinner.

Before taking part in the Year 5 Braeside Talent Show. Some particular highlights included dancing teddies, our own compositions and some acting.

Maisie and Mrs Parmiter found it all absolutely hilarious!

Bonnie and Tabitha showed real courage to sing songs on their own too!

Mr Pavey was ever so surprised to receive a delicious birthday cake and we finished with a beautiful performance of Happy Birthday before we once again reflected on the success we’ve all had today. Once again, Year 5 wowed every adult working with them because of their support for another, their perseverance and their kindness.