Another busy week of learning from our youngest children.

As reception class continue their learning from home, creativity, curiosity and a love for learning, continues to blossom.

Recognised widely as a symbol of our school, this butterfly has been transitioning in the home of a reception class child. Arriving as a caterpillar, he has been safe in the loneliness of his cocoon, now free to explore the nature and wonder of the world.

Our class story, ‘What the ladybird heard’, became the inspiration for this detailed farm plan, which also included labelling and some fantastic sentence writing too.

Maths and writing continue with the children exploring number bonds, tricky words, letter formation and a variety of phonics activities.




Learning the days of the week remains a focus, by ordering them and then using this to recognise which day it was yesterday and which day it will be tomorrow. I’m sure many of us adults are finding this process challenging as we navigate safely through these unprecedented times.