Ancient Greece and More…..

This week we are getting a sneak preview of September’s topic, Ancient Greece. The children have been looking into the Greek Gods. They have been writing, drawing, creating posters, and making top trump cards. The tricky part is deciding on a favourite Greek God.

In English they are writing riddles all about themselves, be great to see how many will be identified on Monday.

Some children have also written letters to their Year 6 teacher.

In Reflection, they have been looking at this strange situation we have all been submerged in. Creating ‘Covid-19 Time Capsules’

In RE, thinking about ‘Hope’s and wishes’ for the future.

In Art, they are creating self portraits, collages on the theme ‘All About Me’.

Year 5, you have produced some superb work during these tricky times. We are so proud of you all. Great work!