A great start to Year 6!

Wow! What an amazing start to life in Year 6! We have already been so busy thinking about the book Here We Are, which we’ll be learning about over the next few weeks. Our first pieces of Art are already proudly on display in our new classroom. We also talked about having a growth mindset, what it means to us and how important it will be in allowing us to spread our wings and fly during our time in Year 6.

With this, we thought about what it means to be a super learner and designed our all-important super learners.

A real highlight of our week has been spending some time with our buddies in Reception. Without realizing it, Year 6 have been playing such an important role in teaching our newest members of the school community how to play brilliantly. They were also excellent tour guides, showing Reception around their new school.

What a great start, Year 6: keep it up!