Cherry and Elder- Our house day!

Last Friday, we launched our first house day of the year!

Year 6 started the day with a zoom to the whole school sharing different challenge’s that we had to complete.



1st Challenge- Draw a butterfly on the playground. We had to think about how we were showing Love, Honesty, Respect and a life time love for learning.

2nd Challenge- Create a swirl using the natural resources.

3rd Challenge- First, Sue Rodd re-told the story of the boy in the temple and explained how the characters showed Love, Honesty and Respect. Then,we were shown the picture that Mrs.Thomas drew and we had to think about what it represented. Eventually, we were able to link it to our values, our vision and the boy in the temple.


4th Challenge- We had to make the letters of our house day.

At the end of the day, we got out the parachutes and played various games, then we refelected on the day.