Authors and Artists in Hazel Class

This week Hazel class have been working hard creating a fact book all about life in the Arctic.  The pupils have been learning about life in the arctic and adding a page to our fact books every day. We have been so impressed with all their hard work, the books are outstanding!

Here are just a few examples of their fantastic work:

The pupils have also been planning a sculpture of a polar bear which we will be making, in art. We have been learning that planning is an important part of making a big art project and many artists or designers would create a mood board to help them with their ideas. The pupils were asked to create a mood board to show their ideas for their polar bear sculpture.

Here are some of mood boards they created:

Hazel class have also been thinking about internet safety as part of safer internet day. We explored how to tell if information online is true or not. The pupils created masks to become Detective Digiduck and help people to know  when to trust information online and who can help us decide if information is true or not online.

Great work Hazel class!