Year 6 Residential – Day Four: The Adventure Continues!

Year 6 enjoyed another brilliant day here on the south coast! Our morning began with yet another tasty, tasty breakfast of bacon, spaghetti hoops and toast. Absolutely fantastic! Back on the beach, we split into two groups to take part in one of two activities: stand up paddleboarding and pico sailing. There were many nervous children heading out in the boats but they quickly realised how straightforward it is. Thankfully, no one capsized even though one boat tried their hardest!

Paddleboarding was equally as fun. We enjoyed a few games and in the case of Mr Pavey’s group, more time was spent paddling in the shallows than on the board. Once again, Mr Pavey took the brunt of the splashing: thanks, Year 6…

To finish our time down by the water, we took part in the Rockley relay. This game involved wearing a buoyancy aid as a nappy, running to a paddle and running around it a few times, before riding a paddle like a broomstick back to the start – some excellent nappy wearing witches took part in this dramatic, hilarious end of the day!

We returned to our rooms before dinner for a shower, nap and a few games. Some of the boys took the time to quiz Mr Pavey on his Maths knowledge and once again, we had another special visit! We were very jealous of her fish and chips!

Dinner tonight was jacket potatoes. We feasted on many a different filling and many of us truly filled up with seconds. What a fabulous feast!

Tonight, we headed to a nearby field to play a few different games. We played a favourite of Year 6’s, foot rounders. As the darkness descended, it very quickly became apparent that dark foot rounders would not catch on!

As we near the end of our amazing week here, we took some time to reflect on our time here. Year 6 should be so proud of their achievements here at Rockley. From conquering fears, to learning a new skill, Year 6 have had such a special time here and have been a class of absolute superstars! We’re ready for a final morning of activities before bringing our adventure to a close. Looking forward to seeing everyone back at St Michael’s tomorrow!