Sports, Newts and much more for Beech class!

Beech class have been very busy completing the sports challenges set by Mrs.Engefield.

First, they had to practise their standing long jump.


Then, they had to try and cross the river with only 2 items. They all managed to come up with a great strategy without any help from their teachers.


On Wednesday, Beech class found a whole Newt family. They were so excited and held the Newts.

This got us all excited about Newts so we watched some videos about them and then drew the lifecycle of a Newt!


On Friday, we had another fantastic week in the Forest. We listend to the story Leaf Man and then made our own Leaf Men. We played an apadted version of hide and seek where we had to find the drawing in chalk on a tree drawn by a child. Also, we enjoyed hot chocolate and having a wonderful time with our friends!