Lots of things going on in Oak Class

Oak Class have been a very busy bunch recently…

They’ve become engineers, exploring how Cams turns rotary motion into linear. They have enjoyed using some new equipment to create a toy with moving parts.

We continue to enjoy the mile run, especially as the weather turns colder and the scenery becomes that little bit more picturesque in the frost.

In History, we imagined what life would have been like for slaves in Ancient Greece. We brought this to life as some children took on the role of either slave or master. It was a much busier afternoon for some children than others! We wrote letters from the point of view of a Greek slave home to their families.

In Maths, we have been continuing to practice and hone our skills. This week, we played a game to practice subtraction, using a dice to generate digits before trying to find an answer as close as possible to 10,000.

And in everything we do, our creativity and sense of humour shines through everyday!